General Services

  • Routine Checkup of pet animals and large animals
  • Epidemiological investigation of diseases and post-mortem services of small and large animals (especially in sheep, goat and dairy farms)
  • Vaccination and preventive medicine
  • Serologic surveillance of Brucellosis in cows, camels, sheep and goats
  • Artificial Insemination available for cows for higher milk yield using semen from Holstein Friesian and Jersey cow breeds. Click here for more info


Pet Services

  • Routine Health Check-up, treatment and surgery of large animals, pet animals and birds
  • Preventive vaccination against Rabies and other preventable viral/ bacterial diseases in dogs and cats. Issuance of vaccination and health certificates for the purpose of registration at Municipalities.
  • Dermatological check-up
  • Stool/ Fecal examination
  • Wet blood/ whole blood serology
  • Sterilization procedures viz castration and spaying (in female animals)
  • Other Minor Surgeries
  • Ultrasound scanning and endoscopy


On-site Pharmacy

Our veterinary pharmacy is fully stocked with up-to-date medicines, grooming devices, shampoos and other pet accessories.

On-site Laboratory testing

Laboratory Services:

  • Blood check-up (hematology)
  • Routine stool examination, urinalysis, parasite testing
  • Serological examination with a test to assess liver and kidney function status.

Bed side collection of samples and home visits as per the request of the clients.

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